Customer Relationship Management
CRM Management Software is "all the tools, technologies and procedures to manage, improve, or facilitate sales organized operations and personalize customer service based on the customer's known history and prior interactions with your business.
Improsys CRM Overview
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Features Of Improsys CRM

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    User Friendliness

    • Only business knowledge required to
    • No jargons. Simple language used.
    • Knowledge of Google Search and Email is
      just sufficient to operate.
    • Simplicity and User friendliness.
    • Ready reports and dashboard.

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    • Web based multiuser software.
    • Latest technology of Visual Studio 2012 & .net
      framework 4.0 used.
    • Supports Email and SMS sending to Customers.
    • Compatibility with Excel, Word and PDF.
    • Carries a lot of the workload for business.
      processes,especially the sales,service.
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    Business functionality

    • Productivity of sales force by avoiding the
      repetitive task.
    • Helps to improve on time follow up of Quotations
      and Payments.
    • Marketing, Sales, Payment, and Service Analysis.
    • Track communication/feedback.
    • Faster data retrieval.

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    • Daily, Weekly reporting of planned & completed
    • Payment alerts and follow ups.
    • Offers digital photo of what's occuring inside
      enterprise at any moment.
    • Leads, Order, Service.
    • Hierarchy wise sales person reporting to seniors.

Advantages Of Improsys CRM Software

Focussed Marketing Efforts


Enhanced Sales Productivity


Provide Better Customer Service


Gaining Customer Loyalty


Mobile CRM–your new development platform

Mobile CRM software solutions for growing your businesses. It simplifies access and interaction with customer.Mobile devices also offer unique capabilities that may not be available in a standard computer. A mobile CRM platform means instant, simple escalation, with issues routed straight to the right subject matter expert, product manager or executive.

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