User Management

User are the significant assets and the primary promoters of profitable business for an organization. Hence, apart from managing clients and customers for business purpose, it’s a decisive responsibility of an organization to manage and fulfill all needs of its own Users. It would be improper to say that a CRM system is only used to manage clients and customer; most of the HR heads or managers are using CRM technologies for managing company’s human capital. This approach is called as Employee Resource Management (ERM). An ERM is a business process that fills gaps between an organizations and its employee to create a strong emotional and professional bonding among them.

System Admin Managment

● User Creation : New user add in a crm software and user management in a crm software
● Define User Role and rights : define user role and rights new adding user/emplyee
● Change and Reset Password : User change passwors and reset password through admin/HR
● User Summary/log reports : All user log reports genrates.