CRM: Customer Management Software is "all the tools, technologies and procedures to manage, improve, or facilitate sales, support and related interactions with customers, prospects, and business partners throughout the enterprise It is a business strategy to manage the needs of an organization’s current and future customers.
With a CRM system in place, every question, every service request, every preference and every past contact detail about every customer is at your fingertips. It's an important weapon for businesses keen to find new customers and hold on to existing ones. Organizations who use Improsys CRM, gets more profit or competitive advantages than its competitors with similar products or services.


  • Sales visit management is an integral part of an organization as they are a major source of generating leads.
  • Improsys CRM software covers visit management for marketing in a very extensive manner.
  • Tracking of expenses done during visits will be more casier through expenses management system.
  • Improsys Telecalling provide a more interactive and personal sale service. It gives you facility to import contacts and save contacts segment wise. Admin can assign Target for excutive as well as he can view daily reports which helps to exmine performance of executive.
  • Improsys Email/SMS Marketing allows you to Create Email Template with Attachment facility and you can send it directly to all contacts in your system
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  • Understanding customer needs and providing right price Quotation as per product specification is important to maintain buisness profitability and customer satisfaction.
  • Timely follow up regarding quotation is important for converting leads into order. improsys CRM provides facility to make timely follow up with customer exactly on due date. It also allows to define next follow up due date.
  • Timely and prisized communication with customer order is a key for converting leads into orders.
  • Improsys CRM helps to update customer order details and send order acceptance on email to customer.
  • Improsys CRM helps to moniter effects put into capturing an enquiry preparing estimate making follow ups and converting leads into orders.
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  • To continue the customer loyalty the most important aspect an organization should focus on is customer satisfaction. Hence, customer loyalty is an influencing aspect of CRM and is always crucial for business success.
  • Improsys CRM (customer relationship management) program that helps company in satisfying the customer, the research study would explore
  • CRM helps to take feedback from customer to make their software more customizable
  • Different methods and techniques for establishing effective CRM to satisfy the customers.
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